Treatment Room

PVH Medical’s Treatment Room is designed to provide responsive and efficient services to patients suffering from a wide range of injuries and health problems. Our team of nurses work closely with our GPs and other healthcare professionals to provide excellent healthcare services including:

  • Triaging – At PVH Medical Treatment Room, patients are interviewed and evaluated by a triage nurse to determine the severity of the injury or ailment. This allows us to give priority to those with the most severe conditions and provide them with immediate medical attention.
  • Emergency care – Our emergency care services include but are not limited to trauma care, urgent care, suturing and wound treatment. Our specialty-trained nursing team are fully equipped to treat illnesses and injuries as quickly as possible.
  • Wound care – We offer treatment for all types of wounds—burns, cuts, ulcers, and surgical wounds. We also provide a specialised approach to wounds that are related to chronic conditions like diabetes, or are chronic and non-healing.
  • Ear syringing – This out-patient procedure is performed to remove wax, debris or foreign body from the ear with the use of aural syringe and water.
  • Plasters and casts – Casts refer to orthopaedic devices typically made of plaster that support and protect fractured bones and joints. These help immobilize the injured body part until it heals and recovers.
  • Intravenous (IV) fluids – IV fluids are given to patients who are in need of rehydration. These can also be added with antibiotics or other medications that for some reason cannot be taken by the patient orally.
  • ImmunisationsVaccinations are administered to children and adults as protection for a number of infections and diseases.
  • Sutures – Also called stitches, sutures are used to attach tissues together and to close wounds and cuts.
  • Minor surgical procedures – Our minor surgical procedures for low-risk injuries and conditions are performed using highly-advanced medical equipment, and in a sterile environment.
  • 24-hour ECG heart monitor – We perform 24-hour ECG heart monitoring to ensure accurate cardiac diagnosis and to determine the most effective medication and therapy for your condition.
  • Blood pressure monitoring – To assist with diagnosis and management of hypertension, we offer 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. Fees may apply.

In the instance of a major injury, illness or chest pain, please call an ambulance on 000.