Psychology in Pascoe Vale

Our Pascoe Vale psychologists work closely with doctors to help ensure patients are provided with the most effective evidence-based treatments for their emotional and psychological concerns.

Some specific issues that our psychologists are trained to deal with include:

  • Fears, phobias, and anxiety problems
  • Eating and weight control problems
  • Improving relationships between people
  • Stress and chronic pain
  • Depression and grief
  • Sexual problems
  • Sleeping problems
  • Compulsive and addictive behaviour
  • Children’s learning and behavioural difficulties
  • Developmental disorders e.g. autism
  • Improving performance in sport
  • Personal growth.

You may be entitled to Medicare-subsidised counselling under the GP Mental Health Care Plan Scheme. Please ask your doctor for details and a referral.

A referral isn’t required for private consultations.

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Important information

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