Immunisation is a simple and effective way of protecting children and adults against certain diseases. They are recommended for people at certain ages or life stages and for those who may be at increased risk.

At PVH Medical we provide an in-practice immunisation service with all relevant vaccinations on hand. These include:

  • Flu vaccination – commonly called the “flu shot”, this is administered yearly to protect against contagious influenza viruses.
  • Childhood vaccinations – recommended vaccines for children include but are not limited to chickenpox, HIB, polio, rotavirus, meningococcal, pneumococcal, and MMR (measles, mumps and rubella).
  • Hepatitis A and B – these two vaccinations make the body resistant to hepatitis a & b viruses which affect the liver and cause chronic infections.
  • Whooping cough – protection against pertussis or whooping cough is recommended for children and pregnant women.
  • Tetanus – also called tetanus toxoid, this vaccine prevents tetanus, and is recommended to be administered in five doses among children, followed by doses every 10 years.
  • Diphtheria – this vaccination prevents an infection caused by corynebacterium diphtheria bacteria.
  • Travel vaccinations (including yellow fever) – vaccinations are given to protect you against destination-specific infections and diseases before you travel.