Mr Tim Mulholland

Tim is a podiatrist who understands how important your feet are to your overall wellbeing. Studying podiatry and having the opportunity to understand the mechanisms underlying foot and leg injuries has allowed Tim to continue to be active, healthy and happy and take pride in his own feet. Tim has spent years honing his skills […]

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Mr Ben Westaway

Ben has dedicated his career to the treatment of foot and lower limb pain. Ben is a specialist in the treatment of running-related overuse injuries. He has a special interest in the use of holistic exercise prescription and teaching self-treatment techniques for management of soft tissue injuries. The role that athletic footwear plays in treating injuries […]

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Ms Hannah Moloney

Hannah completed her podiatry studies at La Trobe University, graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Podiatric Practice. She has an interest in all aspects of podiatry and tries to incorporate a holistic approach to her care. Hannah strives to not just treat her patients presenting complaints, but to find the underlying […]

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Ms Zainab Alnajar

Zainab strives to be the best podiatrist for your needs. Her journey started with a double degree – Master’s of podiatric practice and a bachelor’s degree in applied science. Understanding you and your feet is a given. Zainab believes that communication is the key and ensures all her clients are comfortable when attending to their […]

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